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A Little Tidbit About Us store

Locally Owned

The finest family owned full-line pet store serving Rochester, MN since 1989.

Fish Fish Fish

With over 150 fish tanks full of fish to choose from you won't be disappointed! Live plants, exotic goldfish and koi, Cichlids (including Discus), Saltwater, Brackish and a large selection of Tropical (Freshwater) Fish. We have the largest and best selection of aquarium and pond supplies which includes very large tanks and the ability for custom made tanks.

dishesDog and Cat Supplies

Half of the 11,000 square foot store is dedicated to products for your dog or cat. Lots of clothes, toys, treats, flea & tick, first aid, grooming, clean up supplies and food to choose from. Bring your best friend in with you....we love visitors!


Furry, Feathered, & Creepy Friendshamsters

Locally bred small birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, rats, mice and hamsters available. Already have a critter at home? Stop in and choose a treat for your friends. We have a large selection filled with toys, chews, treats, food, hay, cages, etc.

pulletsPullets are available in the Spring. We will guarantee that they are hens!

The selection of reptiles and amphibians constantly changes so there is always something new.